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    I already imagined it. The only drawback is that they have broken the initial contract, in which it says that the danger zones can be marked and today it is not possible.
    Denunciation of singing?
    As soon as I learn German I leave the translator8o

    I will tell you how it is in Spain.

    When I bought my 508 there was a package included until I am 3 years old. In it were the connected services and the danger zone warning including fixed and mobile radars. You, using the triangle icon with an exclamation point, could indicate risk areas and a screen would appear to determine what type it was. You could point out accidents, danger zones, radars ...

    After it was updated in March from wave 3 to wave 4 and I had to download a new firm in this case 42. and a new mapping of v7 this screen stopped working.

    Now I can't pinpoint danger zones anymore.

    I started asking in customer service and I have been with them for 6 months of emails. What they tell me is that everything is correct.

    I had to reset profiles and make a bcall call to check the geolocation but nothing at all.

    The summary is that I think that with the new update Peugeot is limiting this service even in countries like mine where it is allowed.

    After 30,000 kilometers I guarantee that the appreciation is null in my case. I always drive in eco mode and the consumptions I tell you are identical to those seen in some of you with comfort and normal mode.
    The only thing about choosing this mode is for its smoothness and suspension but not for the consumption.

    That has happened to me on two occasions three months apart. What I can tell you is that it was approximately in the same place. Hence, I thought at first that it would be due to the position of the car and had something to do with the navigation menu and gps.
    Reading your contributions I begin to worry a little more.

    good morning teams. I understand and respect your decision. I will try that they have more senses trying to contribute with more contributions.
    Thanks for everything

    Good morning to all. I am waiting to have the rights to download it. Nor do I know that I am missing because I have been registered for more than 24 hours and more than 5 edited posts.
    As soon as I can, I download it. I trust the tool more than the Peugeot application itself.

    Good Morning. My peugeot 508 from May 2019 has received an update and I have gone from wave 3 to 4. I have detected that now I cannot pinpoint the specific risk zones. I have reset the profiles and started from scratch as I have been told by customer service but it has been useless. Has this happened to you?
    Before the update I could point out accidents, vehicles stopped on the road and radars, now I just get a screen where it says risk zone correctly indicated but without specifying it.
    I think with the new update this feature is no longer feasible.

    Exactly the same has happened to mine. I give it a special product for its maintenance. This makes it softer but in a short time it remains the same. Here in the south of Spain the temperatures are high inside the cabin and I think that this material does not get along with the temperature.My car with 20,000 and 2 years has that side frankly touched. It gives me that the remedy is to reupholster that area when the time comes

    The particle filter is changed at scheduled reviews. The best thing is that if the car is under warranty, the house will do it. Anyway I think it is under the dashboard and you can access it once the bottom cover that covers the fuse box is removed.