Problems after wave 4 firmware update on wave 3

  • Good Morning. My peugeot 508 from May 2019 has received an update and I have gone from wave 3 to 4. I have detected that now I cannot pinpoint the specific risk zones. I have reset the profiles and started from scratch as I have been told by customer service but it has been useless. Has this happened to you?
    Before the update I could point out accidents, vehicles stopped on the road and radars, now I just get a screen where it says risk zone correctly indicated but without specifying it.
    I think with the new update this feature is no longer feasible.

  • Mittns

    Changed the title of the thread from “wave 3 to wave 4” to “Problems after wave 4 firmware update on wave 3”.
  • I have read many comments about this problem from other users. It seems it is something common to all of them and always coming after updating the system to the 4x.xx version.