Peugeot 3008 Hybrid (2012) unclear error

  • Hi All,

    Hope you are doing well under this extraordinary situation.

    There is an annoying unsolved issue with my Peugeot 3008 Hybird (2012) for almost 2 year.

    The symptom comes as follows: "Sometimes" an error message pops out when the car is just ignited or when the car is driven under a slow speed. Stopping the car right away and re-igniting won't remove this error. The translation of the error msg is something like "motor failure: stop the car urgently" as attached. (I bought this car from a friend in Germany).

    My observation: When the error shows up, the driving power from the engine doesn't work anymore, and therefore the only source to drive the car became only the hybrid battery, and generally the car can't accelerate above 50 km/h. After driving for around 1-2 km flat road , the battery will run out of capacity. At this point if I switched off the car and re-ignite it, the error message will disappear and suddenly everything became just fine. The car can work just perfectly for the remaining of the day.

    So far, I've visited 3 garages from the original Peugeot dealer and 2 private garages. Had many parts replaced but this issue still exists like a nightmare.

    Now I am arranging another visit to the garage but I am feeling nothing but frustrated...

    Have any of you met the similar issue with your car before? Do you have any suggestion I should ask the garage to inspect first?

    Best wishes, Tsung-Wei

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